Arranging a Hen weekend

When you think of a stag party you more than likely think of a group of lads going on a wild pub crawl, tying the groom to a lamppost and then going to bed ( The truth is that there are so many different options available that you can do something a little different if you want too. No one is saying that a group of you enjoying a few drinks in Blackpool is not fun, but let’s be fair you can do that anytime!

If you are arranging a stag do for someone then why not look at other alternatives because you may find that there is something that you’ll all enjoy even more ( For starters why stick to just one event? Why not make the most of it and arrange a stag weekend?

There are actually places available that specialise in stag weekends and they offer a range of activities to suit everyone. Whether that is driving a tank around some rocky terrain or sphering down a hill, the choice is yours. They even offer things such as go karting.

Don’t worry though because most of these companies also recognise what else is expected from stag weekends. They’ll usually include the option of cut price entry into a lap dancing club and a few bottles of bubbly to send you on your way.

No one is saying that you shouldn’t get drunk on your stag weekend, just that you can also get up to so much more than just 48 hours solid drinking. These make great bonding exercises and you can guarantee that everyone in the group will enjoy themselves – even if things do get a little competitive.

The great thing about these places is that they cater for the whole weekend, so once you are there everyone is pretty much sorted ( Of course you can decide between different activities and you don’t even have to do them all, but the option is there to do as much as you want on your stag weekend. These actually work out surprisingly cheap when you get a group of you together as well so they are well worth looking into. can supply the widest range of activities for fun days outs and events such as stag weekends , with a full package available for hen weekends .